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Fall Thoughts: "98% of All Diets Fail"

There are lots of numbers associated with the idea of trying to change your body size or composition.  The obvious numbers like the number of the scale, your waist measurement, the size of your pants or your body fat percentage. There are the numbers associated with a best guess for how much of what food you should eat, i.e. 800 grams of fruits and vegetables or 13 ounces of protein (at least for a woman of my size.) And there are numbers connected to how you move your body: how many hours you should strive for per day, how many steps you should take, how many reps you should "leave in the tank" during a weight lifting session.   There are also other numbers, including "the facts."  For example: 80% of Americans aren't eating the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables.  70% of Americans are overweight or obese.   And, my new favorite fact: "98% of all keto diets fail," which was what Dr. Robert Cywes, the Carb Addiction Doctor, who advocates for a

Fall Adventures: Nick and Aurora Teagarden Costume

 We enjoyed a fun pre-Halloween weekend.  I also shared our PINE day, and now I'll share photos of our Nick and Aurora Teagarden Halloween costumes.   Although not an exact replica, I do think we captured the essence of our two favorite sleuths!  William surprised me by picking up a pink lipstick called "Romantic" that I think was the perfect shade to match Aurora's lip color below.   We had a great idea to set up a red table with champagne glasses and get a photo similar to their photo at the library event during Heist and Seek.  However, the lighting was weird, and I think my cell phone camera was smudged, which definitely took away from the look I was hoping to achieve.   Mostly, with this type of adventure, I think it's important to be open to the idea that the fun is in the planning and the photo shoot itself, even if the final image didn't work out exactly how you planned.  How-To:   Aurora: blue sparkly dress from Amazon, strawberry blonde wig from eBay