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Summer Thoughts: Enneagram

One of my interests is the Enneagram, which is a framework for understanding your core motivations and the motivations of others. I've seriously considered getting certified to help others understand their Enneagram type, and I've learned through my own explorations that it is something that is quite nuanced and layered, with different teachers believing their own unique spin on how different types engage with the world, with others and with themselves.  

Still, there's enough common threads to make the Enneagram at least a fun conversation if not a useful tool in the hands of the right people.

Enneagram with Abbey

YouTuber Abbey Howe, from Enneagram with Abbey, has created some fun E. content where she reaches out to her Instagram community and asks them for input into how they might react in a certain situation.  

A recent series was about how do the different types find a peaceful moment, and I enjoyed hearing where the types overlap and how they diverge as well as thinking about if the types I know would agree or disagree. I think this is a perfect topic for the holiday weekend as many of us seek a good answer to the question: "what are you doing for fun this weekend?" Perhaps the new question could be "what did you do to relax this weekend?"  

Pockets of Peace for Enneagram Types 

From Abbey's video series, I've created a short quiz based on the information she shared that may give insight into your E. type.  I've made a few modifications based on her viewer's comments.  I suggest that you take the quiz below first and then watch her video to see how her comments resonate with you.  

If you're new to the Enneagram, you can find lots of content on Abbey's YouTube channel on how to find your type that are much more detailed than this little quiz below.  She also recommends the book "The Road Back to You" as a good starting point.  

Even if you aren't that interested in the Enneagram, maybe you'll find a new idea for bringing relaxation in your life! And that's worth it on this long holiday weekend! 

A Simple and Unscientific Quiz 

Keep track of the bullets that apply to you and especially consider them as a whole picture.  

Do you find rest and calm by: 


  • Long quiet walks in nature 
  • Clean sheets on your bed every Sunday to get your week off to a good start 
  • Organizing a mess into a manageable list 
  • Cooking a healthy dinner step-by-step 
  • A clean inbox with zero emails demanding your attention 
  • Watching a lighthearted tv show 
  • When your house is clean and you have no pending tasks
  • Escaping into your favorite creative outlet 
  • Waking up early before everyone else is awake so that you have time when everything is just right 
  • Gathering all the people you love into the kitchen
  • A warm and homey atmosphere 
  • Looking back at old trinkets, photos and things of value 
  • Saying or hearing "I love you" 
  • Making things with your hands, like knitting, crocheting or cooking dinner
  • Someone doing something really nice and unexpected for you, like showing up for a surprise visit
  • Sunrises and new beginnings 
  • An outdoor summer BBQ with friends and family 
  • Reading a romance novel in a cozy corner 
  • Making a short to-do list so you can check all the items off your list 
  • Driving up the coast and looking at the ocean
  • When someone tells you they are proud of you
  • Journaling your feelings
  • A clean house with everything put in it's place
  • A big fluffy cuddly dog to hug 
  • Savsana at the end of yoga practice 
  • Spending time with a loved one who can peel away your layers 
  • Feeling authentic 
  • Staring at the night sky and thinking about how small we are
  • Reading a book on a topic you enjoy 
  • Researching a topic 
  • Getting the house to yourself
  • Watching a juicy documentary 
  • Solo walk through the farmer's market
  • Listening to the rain 
  • Finally being alone after a day with people 
  • Finding solitude
  • Planning something you enjoy 
  • Sitting in a quiet place in nature 
  • Reading in bed at night 
  • Long drives with an open sunroof
  • Brain dumping your thoughts in a journal or to a trusted friend 
  • Afternoon naps 
  • That feeling after you've paid your bills and bought groceries for the week 
  • Anything that allows your brain to shut down 
  • Spending time with people who don't need to be entertained
  • Camping under the stars 
  • Spontaneous adventures
  • Trying new foods 
  • When the song perfectly fits the vibe
  • Taking a hot bath with a new bubble bath 
  • Gathering around a fire with friends
  • A long warm hug from a person I love
  • The feeling of many choices and options 
  • Lifting weights
  • Knowing everything is in order and in control 
  • That feeling of accomplishment 
  • Pizza after a successful grocery run
  • A challenging hike in a beautiful place 
  • Puppies
  • That feeling after a good workout 
  • A well-made bed with everything (pillows, blankets) just right 
  • Feeling satisfied 
  • A relaxing walk in nature with time to relax and enjoy everything around you
  • Lighting a scented candle that reminds you of your favorite place 
  • A day with ZERO plans where you are expected to do nothing
  • Gentle Yoga 
  • Beautiful view from a mountaintop 
  • Soaking up the sunshine 
  • A languishing summer dinner party with a good bottle of wine and close friends 
  • Spending time in a hammock 


Scoring: Look at the number of items you checked.  Which letters had the most?  Perhaps you are a: 

Mostly A: Type 1

Mostly B: Type 2

Mostly C: Type 3

Mostly D: Type 5

Mostly E: Type 6

Mostly F: Type 7

Mostly G: Type 8

Mostly H: Type 9 

**I deliberately left out Type 4.  Some Enneagram teachers view this as a very rare type, and I'm tending to agree at this point in studying the E.  


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