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Fall Adventures: Hungry Hawk Winery

Yesterday, we celebrated my 56th birthday with a trip to Hungry Hawk Winery, which we first learned about during our wine adventure at the Del Mar fair in June 2022.  If you haven't been, I strongly encourage you to check it out.  It's only about a thirty minute drive (depending on traffic) from our house in La Mesa.  You must be 21+, pets are not allowed, and you need to make a reservation.  The location is Escondido.  

On my birthday, we got the gift of perfect weather, and I was also excited because I finally found William a "wine-tasting" shirt to wear on our winery adventures.  I've been looking since June, and we found one at the La Mesa Octoberfest on Friday night!  The shirt is from a company in nearby Laguna Hills called High Seas Trading Company, and I am glad to report that they have an assortment of other wine themed shirts for men, so I have plenty of gift ideas for William in the future! 

We tasted 8 wines at Hungry Hawk, and we really enjoyed all of them.  My favorites were the sparkling Cuvee and the Cabernet, which happened to be the first and last wines in the tasting.  One thing I really liked about their wines is that they all actually tasted different from each other, and I could really taste some of the notes in them, like strawberry and cherry.  And the view was just gorgeous.  

They also served up an excellent charcuterie board for only $22!  This was fun to nibble on as we tasted the wines and included some great cheese as well as two yummy chocolates.  I saved mine to the very end, and enjoyed it with my glass of Cab.  

The weather was gorgeous, and I couldn't have asked for a better day to hang out, drink wine and talk philosophically about being mid-50-something! We enjoyed dressing up in our wine colors for fall and acting a little (or a lot) goofy for the camera.  

After, we went to a local Italian restaurant for dinner, and I enjoyed a meal of gluten-free pasta with chicken and lemon sauce.  When we got home, we put on another episode of Mystery 101 and I promptly fell asleep on the couch before my actual birthday occurred at 11:56 p.m. 

Today, we'd planned to see a local play, but it was cancelled at the last minute due to one of the actors being injured and the understudy not being prepared to go on stage.  So instead, I'm enjoying the sun and cool wind on this Sunday afternoon and getting ready to read one of the three books I bought myself for my birthday.  With the play rescheduled for October 15, we've declared October to be my birthday month. 


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